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This medical revolution has led doctors from around the world to endorse and actively prescribe herbs and natural healing.

Medical doctors around the world practice what they have been taught in top medical schools in North America and Europe. These doctors are taught to diagnose an illness and help a patient feel better. The classic phrase of �Take two tablets and call me in 24 hours� sums up the Western medical mind-set.

What these doctors don�t realize is that making patient �feel better� is not actually making a patient get better. The Eastern medical world, which has been around ten times longer than the Western medical world, practices a holistic approach to healing � finding the cause of the illness and treating it at the roots.

Natural ingredients are preferred in the Eastern medical world over chemicals and drugs which are prescribed in the West.

More and more Western medical practitioners have begun to realize the benefits of treating the root of the problem. Erectile dysfunction, like any other medical problem, can be treated in this way too.

Listen to what doctors are saying about VigRX as a natural way to treat erectile dysfunction.