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Below is a timetable of how you can realistically experience a more fulfilling sex life:

Month #1:
During the first thirty days of taking VigRX Plus you will encounter increased stamina and blood flow. In turn your penis head and shaft will become stronger and you will experience a large girth.

Month #2:
This is the month of taller and longer lasting erections and even more stamina than before. Even better is that during this month your partner will pick up on the difference in the bed room (or anywhere else for that matter).

Month #3:
At the end of the three month period, your penis will have achieved its maximum length and it will be visually noticeable. Your penis will also feel much firmer to the touch.

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How VigRX Plus Works

Almost everyone knows how an erection happens. During a sexual act, the penis becomes engorged with blood and will remain that way throughout. If this rush of blood does not occur then a man will not experience a full erection and the penis does not reach its maximum size.

While most people know how the process works, not many know what may cause a lack of blood to flow to the shaft. A person's sexual well-being is something that is affected by their body as a whole - the heart, arterial system and brain all play a major part in bringing on a larger erection.

When our scientists developed VigRX Pills, they took the holistic approach and did not only address one aspect of erectile dysfunction, as is done in the pharmaceutical industry. Our holistic approach treats your overall sexual health in a natural way.

After strict clinical studies and trials, VigRX found the perfect balance of natural ingredients that help increase your blood flow, libido and brain stimulation. The results produced a male enhancement pill that is a cut above all others - giving you maximum erectile strength and length. The new 'plus' in VigRX Plus is the addiction of a new ingredient - Bioprene. This ingredient is a pepper extract that helps increase absorption rates of nutrients to make our product even better!

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